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We have created the technology that can turn waste into resources

PGVA — is a brand new technology based on explosive thermolysis of organic waste, which turns it into valuable resources. Innovative patented machines PGVA-5 and PGVA-15 and their double reactors dry up, heat and transform raw materials into oil, gas and char which can then be used in diverse industries and power engineering.
PGVA Machines
Our machines are easily transported, quickly installed and have no equals in productivity.
PGVA-5 installed and successfully working at the factory
PGVA-5 transforms organic waste at the speed of 5 tons per hour, and PGVA-15 — 15 tons per hour. Working 20 hours a day, 365 days a year with only one maintenance shutdown in 2 months, these machines can recycle up to 150 000 tons of waste per year.

The machines require a power source of 380 V and don't need additional energy supply. The whole processing cycle uses the gas produced in the thermolysis reactor as a source of energy.

This cutting edge technology has never existed before. We have tested PGVA machines with different types of raw materials and can now confirm that it surpasses all existing counterparts in ergonomics, economical efficiency and effectiveness.
PGVA machine promo video
We recycle

Sewage sludge
Sewage sludge from wastewater treatment buildings
Agricultural waste
Olive and grape pomace, food wastes
Poultry manure
Bird droppings accumulating near poultry farm
Sewage sludge and waste of food industry
All the organic waste of food production
Why thermolysis?
The method of thermolysis allows to avoid:
       waste burial and the following poisoning of land;
       burning of waste and thus air pollution and greenhouse effect.

As a result, we receive:
       energy: gas and oil;
       stock for various constructions and producing purpose – coal char;
       machine providing itself with recourses needed for work.

The countries of European Community strive to avoid land burial and to recycle waste in order to extract energy and additional resources.
Learn more about the environmental standards of the EU

We are concerned about the problems which plants and facilities have to face. We are ready to help and know a convenient solution. Moreover, we have worked it out ourselves. PGVA may help businesses:
       to meet EU eco-regulations;
       to reduce expenses on recycling of waste;
       to forget about expensive equipment and high energy costs;
        to recover lands used for burial or storage of waste.

How we do it
We are ready to cooperate and will consider any offers of collaboration. Сontact us and our managers will answer any questions concerning PGVA technology or ways of сooperation.
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