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For processing of waste the PGVA installation uses a method of explosive (or fast) termolysis. The PGVA-5 model utilizes ≈ 5 tons of waste an hour, PGVA — ≈ 15. The first cycle of processing is started at the expense of the torches on gas-propane located in the bottom of the drying camera. They heat the reactor to working temperature 180−200 °. In the following reactor, in the course of a termolysis, termolysis gas which in subsequent cycles to maintain unit operation.
Installation self-sufficient energy and supports the work without connecting an additional power resources.
The machine is installed on a flat concrete pad with an area of 2000−3000 m3 with the help of adjustable feet. To power the motor and operate auger machine is connected to a power source of 380 V. the Process is controlled by the operator from the separately provided cab.

The mechanism consists of several sections which are connected by flange fixtures:

   module feed

   drying camera

   reactor of a termolysis

   camera of cooling of gases

   container of collecting the hydrocarbonic rest (semi-coke)

   system of a conclusion of the burned-down gases
The drying camera is warmed up to the working temperature 180-200 ° due to combustion of gas-propane through a torch by the directed flame. Raw materials come to the warmed drying camera where the most part of moisture evaporates (depending on type of raw materials of ≈60-70%). Throw the loading bunker the dried-up raw materials get to the reactor of a termolysis where raw materials decay on gas and the hydrocarbonic rest (semi-coke).

   Semi-coke is cooled in the screw dispensing system and collected in a metal container (not included in installation).

   Gas goes to the 4-staged camera of cooling where one part (%) is condensed in liquid fuel or "synthetic oil", and other part (%) goes to storage. Liquid fuel is collected in a container (supplied separately). Gas from storage comes back on system to the drying camera and is used instead of gas-propane for maintenance of her work.

Installation works
  20 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days in a year
  1 day off on maintenance in two months is necessary
General principle of operation of the machine
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